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Get Your Sweat On!

Get Your Sweat On!

Whether you want to try something new to spice up your exercise routine or want to get fit and start looking after yourself I would like you to join me on this journey called Find Your Fit by PUSH Activewear. I’m so excited to use this platform to inspire you and encourage you to explore to different ways to get off your butt, celebrate your body and Find Your Fit! Our first feaure is on Sweat 1000 and I’m so excited to share my experience with you!


Sweat 1000

Sweat 1000’s defining characteristic is its jump on jump off style is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which is a killer way to burn calories. Treadmill inclines (OMG my worst) and sprints are interspersed with weight training, loads of squats and core strengthening floor work. The loud music, energetic trainers and awesome lighting are guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping and help you smash any limitations that you have set for yourself.


A little back story, Sweat 1000 was founded in 2010 by brothers and best friends Andrew and Paul Rothschild. Their passion and drive for the fitness industry is infectious – when in their presence you can’t help but get super amped to push yourself more than you ever have before. The 60 minute classes are facilitated by different instructors who each bring their own personal flair and kick ass music selection to the sessions.



Blubird Shopping Centre (JHB): 011 440 6484

Seapoint (CPT): 021 439 9903

Claremont (CPT): 021 6715989

QOTS (Quote of the Studio): “You are stronger than you think you are”

Fitness levels: Intermediate to advanced but beginners are welcome but keep it at your own pace – different weights and running speeds are given according to your fitness level eg. Runners; Joggers; Walkers.

Friendliness of staff: So so friendly! Literally like my second family – love you guys! They know all their members’ names and are always happy and excited to see you.

Fitfam: I have made so many friends through Sweat 1000 – the cool thing about group training is that you get to surround yourself with like minded people – they are driven, hard working and have a healthy mind set.

Feelings straight after the class: Best feeling ever – I know I’ve pushed and trained super hard and put my daily stresses on hold for the hour so my mind is clear. The endorphins are great so I’m always in such a good mood after class

What hurts 2 days later: It depends because each class is different, but my legs, bum and core always feel like they’ve had a good workout.

Music: Mostly commercial dance music which is guaranteed to keep you pushing, running faster and get that heart rate up. Each trainer has their own playlists and guest dj’s pop rock the studio for special events.

Cost: First class is free and after that its R195 per session or R1995 per month for unlimited classes

Parking: Free (yaaaaayyyyy!!!) In Blubird Shopping Centre there’s also a Woolies and Dischem so you can pick up your essentials at the same time #noexcuses

Shower facilities: showers, lockers, hairdryers tick

Vitality Points: yip 🙂


Instagram: @sweat_1000


Big thanks to Haylee Pincus for the awesome photos! Check out more of her stunning work…